July 28-August 6, 2018

Understand the Bible a bit better after visiting the cities of St. Paul. We'll enjoy tour guides and practical Bible insights at each location.  You will find the trip informational and uplifting. It will change the way you read the Bible.

Tour led by Christopher Hudson and
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Saturday, July 28: Thessalonica (Acts 17:10-11)
  • Visit the traditional location of Paul's first sermon
  • Visit the Agora (Marketplace) where Paul visited

Sunday, July 29: Thessalonica/Berea (Acts 17:1)

  • Visit downtown and historic Thessaloniki
  • Visit the Agora (Marketplace) where Paul visited

Monday, July 30: Philippi/Kavala (Acts 16:9-33) 
  • Walk the Engatian Way
  • Visit the marketplace (Agora) where Paul encountered a slave girl 
  • See the traditional prison of Paul & Silas
  • Stand at the Bema seat where Paul stood
  • See the shops where Lydia may have had a shop
  • Visit the location of Lydia's baptism

Tuesday, July 31: Athens (Acts 17:22)
  • Tour and shop downtown Athens
  • Visit ancient Greek Sites

Wednesday, August 1, Athens (Acts 17:22)
  • Visit the Agora where Paul saw the temple to the Unknown God
  • Read the Paul's Mars Hill Sermon on Mars Hill
  • Visit the Parthenon

Thursday, August 2 Corinth (Acts 18:1-18)
  • Visit Ancient Corinth where Paul spent considerable time
  • Stand in the Marketplace where Paul taught Scripture
  • Take pictures at the Bema seat where Paul would have spoken to the people

Friday, August 3 Cruise to Mykonos
  • Being a 3 day cruise on the Mediterraean Sea. 
  • Visit Mykonos. This is not a Biblical site but a beautiful day of rest

Saturday, August 4, Cruise to Ephesus (Acts 18:19-21); Patmos (Apostle John's Island)
  • Visit Ephesus. A remarkable site where Paul lived for a long period of time
  • Stand in the stadium where the city of 50,000 people rioted against Paul

Sunday, August 5, Cruise to Crete (Acts 27:7-13)
  • Visit the island of Crete where Paul stopped on his Missionary journey.

Monday, August 6, Athens (Acts 17:22). End of trip.
  • Fly home


  • Itinerary above is realistic but tentative. Actual plans may change.
  • Deposit is refundable until March 1, 2018
  • Rates are not likely to change but may be adjusted before February 1.
  • Air travel to and from Greece is not included.
  • All travel between July 28-August 6 is included once you arrive in Greece
  • We will provide airport pick up and drop offs
  • All hotels are 4 Star Hotels
  • reserves the right to deny trip attendance to anyone at their sole discretion.


Airfare to/from Greece NOT included. All transportation after arriving in Greece is included.

  • $2899 Per person (Double occupancy; price per person)
  • $3499 for single travelers. (Single person rate)

  • $2999 Per person (Double occupancy; price per person)
  • $3599 for single travelers. (Single person rate)


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