Gospel of Mark Challenge

, by Christopher D. Hudson

I am looking for a number of people to read the Gospel of Mark with me. We'll start Monday, August 25 and read for 2 weeks (about a chapter per day). 

Your commitment is to:

* Read the Bible everyday for two weeks.
* Commenting on a daily question in a private Facebook group. On most days, the question will simply be: 
What did you learn about Jesus from this passage?

This is low pressure way to get back into the God's Word and read the Bible. Will you join me?

There is no cost and no book to buy. The goal is simply to create a short-term group of people reading the Bible.

Two weeks. That's all. Will you join me?

[[I'm sorry, our group is full! Click the home page and join my email list to stay informed about the next one]]


  1. When will this study of Mark start?

  2. Id like to try to commit to this,,,I always fall short and give up Early ..

  3. Donna, give it a try. The beauty of this is it's only 2 weeks. A short time to jump start your Bible reading!

  4. Is it to late to sign up for this challenge

  5. Not at all! Today is the last day to sign up!

  6. I'm going to start this