Who is Jesus?

, by Christopher D. Hudson

While reading  Colossians in our ongoing Facebook Bible study, I was struck with how many descriptions of Jesus Christ are found in chapter 1. Here's a partial list which I made a week or so ago:
  • Jesus is our  deliverer (1:13)
  • Jesus is the one who transfers us into God's kingdom (1:13)
  • Jesus is our redeemer (1:14)
  • Jesus is the visible image of God (1:15)
  • Jesus is the firstborn of all creation (1:15)
  • Jesus is the creator (1:16)
  • Jesus is the great sustainer (1:17)
  • Jesus is the head of the Church (1:18)
  • Jesus is the fulness of God (1:19)
  • Jesus is the source of peace (1:20)
  • Jesus is the great reconciler (1:21-22)
  • Jesus is the one who makes Christians holy (1:22)
  • Jesus is our source of hope (1:27)
  • Jesus is the source of all lasting treasure (2:2-3)

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