Sacred Places (New Book)

, by Christopher D. Hudson

My team and I recently created a photo-driven book called SACRED PLACES. Writing and editing this book really helped me understand the Bible better and I know it will do the same for you. Why?

Sacred Places explores actual Bible locations. The Red Sea, Mt. Sinai, Jericho, Golgotha — each forms a textured backdrop to a story in the Bible. 

The significance behind King David’s climb of the Mount of Olives is important. The passing references to Jesus’ ministry in Galilee are significant. No event in the Bible happened by chance, and each story’s unique time period and setting provide meaning and purpose. Sacred Places also reveals how the spreading of the gospel has influenced sacred structures around the world. This book will help you read the pages of Scripture with a new perspective. 

Do you remember that when Jacob and his family moved to Egypt, that Joseph urged them to request a home in the land of Goshen? Check out this page and you'll instantly understand why that was the best region for Jacob's sheep and cattle.

After the Hebrews left Egypt, do you remember how quickly they complained about the lack of food and water? If you are like me, maybe you just chalked that up to them being ungrateful. Check out this picture from the Sinai Desert and you may understand their complaint a little better. (Especially if they had been living in Goshen not so long before!)

Would a better picture of Jesus' world benefit you? Here are some of my favorite Sacred Places pages from the locations that involved Jesus' ministry.

This book was published by Time Inc., and in partnership with American Bible Society. It is available at Amazon here: Sacred Places


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