New Children's Book

, by Christopher D. Hudson

I've wanted to create BIBLE TELL ME: WHO for years.

When I was a kid, I learned all about the books of the Bible and picked up all kinds of trivia. I also learned of God's love for me and his plan of salvation.

The more I was introduced to the Bible, the more I found that I wanted to get to know one topic better: the people in the book.

Even as I teach Sunday School today or give talks to adults, I see how eyes light up when I start telling about the characters of the Bible. As readers, we love to identify with the people found in Scripture, relate to their struggles, and even share in their joys.

For 10 years, I've wanted to create a kid's book that traces the story of the Bible through the eyes of its people. During this last year, Time, Inc. gave me that opportunity with BIBLE TELL ME: WHO.  This special edition book is available now and will also appear on magazines shelves later in 2013.  This book tells the story of 90 Bible characters and offers short biographies that are coupled with a life lesson. 

Aimed at early readers (ages 4-8), this book introduces the Bible, its story, and its main characters in a colorful way. I'm grateful to Time for publishing and for the chance to work with the very talented Pascale Lafond who provided the illustrations. 

Below are some sample images from the book.

The book is available wherever books are sold. Here is a direct link.


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