Email Devotions

, by Christopher D. Hudson

Do you want to read more of the Bible?I spend a lot of my day on email, I've been looking for ways to bring the Bible to my inbox. I've recently solved that with the help of one of my publishing partners ( Together we're making available some of my favorite Bible reading plans along with their devotional books available for free through email.

What are email devotions?
You choose from the reading plan below that looks most interesting to you. For the next 30 days, we'll email you a devotional or Bible reading every day.

How much does this cost?

Nothing. These plans are free.

Why are you doing this?
My publishing partner (TheBiblePeople) and I love the Bible. We want you to help you read it, too.

What kind of reading plans are available?
Our plan is unroll a number of these. Here  are the first seven.Click the picture to sign up.




Who is doing this?
My mission is to help people read, understand, and apply the Bible. My publishing partner ( has the same goal. Together we've teamed up to bring you God's word in a unique way. We both come to this from a conservative evangelical, Christian perspective.

Here is my bio.
Here is the facebook page for TheBiblePeople

Thanks for joining me. And may God bless the reading of His Word!!


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