Bible Study (Open Enrollment!)

, by Christopher D. Hudson

Would you like to join me in a Facebook Bible Study?  

Our approach is to read 5-minute readings (three times a week) and reflect on what God might be teaching us through each reading. Study will last about 3 weeks.

Yes! How do I sign up?
These studies happen in a private Facebook group so that we get to know each other and can share more freely. By filling out the form below, I'll  invite you to one of the groups with a private link. You'll follow that link and join the group. Sign up below. 

How do I complete the readings?
Once in the private facebook group, you'll get notifications when new readings are posted (usually Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays). You can log in on your own schedule, complete the reading and answer the posted question. I would also encourage you to sign up for email reminders whenever a new reading is posted. You can do that here.

What do I need for the group?
Nothing. Everything is provided in the private facebook group.

How much does it cost?
Nothing. It's free. 

What is the study based on?
The study is based on my new book Navigating the Bible. I'm drawing the readings and background information from that book, but you don't need a copy to participate.

What are the rules?
1. Participate
2. Be respectful
3. Honor one another above yourselves.
4. Be open.
Other than that, let's learn together. The philosophy of this group is to encourage Christian growth by reading the Bible together. As long as you fit that goal, you are welcome in the group.

Where do I sign up?
Sign up by requesting to join the group here.

What do you believe?
That short question has a long answer. Here you go.

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  1. I believe in eternal life after death. You can do all things through Christ. God will fix whatever you bring to him ,burdens etc.Prayer changes things if u believe and trust in the Lord.