It's Arrived!

, by Christopher D. Hudson

You've heard me talk about this book for months and I've just received my first advance copies. I'm grateful for my writing partners Randy Southern and Selena Sarns who made my role as editor very easy.

The book releases July 2. For more information on some upcoming events click here.

Sample articles from the book can be enjoyed here.

This is from the introduction to the book:

The influence of the Bible is impossible to ignore. Even with some of the impressive sales records of books in the last few years, the Bible remains the best-selling book of all time. Although it is an ancient text, it is an amazingly relevant source of wisdom and truth for today. While fad diets, books, and apps come and go, the enduring truths of the Bible have changed millions of lives—and they can change yours too. 
In creating The Bible: 100 Ways It Can Change Your Life, we haven’t tried to overanalyze the Bible or rewrite its meaning for a contemporary audience. Instead, we’ve treated the Bible the same way countless people have treated it for thousands of years: we simply have taken it at its word. Throughout history, people have believed it, organized their lives around it, and improved their lives as a result.
These same words from this sacred book still whisper to our souls, drawing us toward something bigger than ourselves. The Bible offers powerful pearls of wisdom about daily life, our relationship to our culture, our relationship to God, and our relationship with others.
Whether you read the book all in one sitting or take one page a day and reflect on its meaning, The Bible: 100 Ways it Can Change Your Life will lead you in discovering the eternal truth and wisdom of God revealed in the pages of the Bible. Join us in uncovering these timeless treasures of what you need in order to live wisely in today’s world. 

And here are some sample pages. (Page layouts by Symbology Creative)

The book releases in July. If you want to pre-order a copy, you can do that at Amazon by clicking here.


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